Sandwich Isle Bread

Sandwich Isle Bread

Come get your favorite wood fired loaf every Tuesday afternoon. DeliveryΒ to the store is between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm. Organic loafs now available!


I am Kevin Cabrera. After 20 years and 2.5 million hotel dinner rolls, I wanted to get back to baking bread that was more satisfying, for me and for people who love a loaf of fresh-baked bread on the table. I also wanted to be able to get this kind of bread to all those who had never had bread that wasn’t from a plastic bag bought at the grocery store. So I wanted to make good bread and be mobile.

Kay, (my wife and wedding cake guru) and I were lucky enough to attend the first annual Kneading Conference in Maine in 2007, where I was finally able to bake in the Panyol, a dome shaped wood-fired masonry oven I had been researching on-line. It’s even heat and high temperatures made possible the kinds of bread I had always dreamed of, and made baking them a celebration of the craft. I had to have one for Hawaii, and that was that. I decided to build one on a trailer so I could take it to farmer’s markets, schools or private parties etc.

I placed an order with the factory in France, and my oven was on its way, via New Zealand…some assembly required. With the help of my friends and supporters, six months and many, many hours of mortarmixing, wood-chopping, steel grinding, paperpushing and nail-biting later, Sandwich Isle Bread Company is fired up.

Chef Kev